Saturday, July 31, 2010

clean sheets

we forgot we bought these sheets..... bright coloured pillows and fitted sheets to add a pop onto an otherwise dull & dark coloured covers.

don't you just love brand new clean sheets?? can't wait to jump into bed tonight and mess it up!

a new dish

tonight i tried a new dish i learnt from nigella (the british cook) on TV. i love watching her cook, she makes everything look so easy and it actually is! if you have the ingredients of course...

this is my attempt at chorizo & scallops. it's sooooo easy. fry the chorizo, remove from pan and chuck in the scallops and fry with chorizo's oil. soooo simple and tasty!!

the pasta salad is from coles and garlic bread is ready made - just had to chuck it into the oven. as usual, cook too much food which means we have lunch tomorrow :) awesome!

Friday, July 30, 2010

ever done anything like this?

hahaha everytime this ad shows on TV i smile for sure. i really can imagine guys doing this when they are left alone at home..

how you done anything liddat??

all by myself......

today was a lonely day at work... boss worked from home and Steph was on her birthday surprise getaway (which i just found out on FB she's heading to Melb). since i needed to pick up something from home, i decided to bring Giz along to keep me company.

silly boy couldn't sit still... he wanted to cramp on my chair with me, climb on my lap and at the end of the day finally stuffed his head into his bed and slept.

well better to have company then to be allllll byyyyy mmmyyyysellffff.........


lady gaga for hello kitty

i thought this was a cute match. lady gaga for teams up with marcus klinko & indrani (dynamic duo photographers) for hello kitty's 35th anniversay. for someone who's not really a big fan of lady gaga, she sure does stuff that captures my attention.

can't spot hello kitty?? ta dah!! i'm sure there are plenty of hello kitty fans that would love a dress like this.

btw... this is old news in case you're wondering.....i just lag >.<

Thursday, July 29, 2010

a gizmo update

he makes for a good model whenever i don't have the camera...... and when i reach out for the camera not so the model anymore.

enjoy the cuteness!!! :D

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

akai wins!

so we're late in aussieland.. but see this 10 year old kid dance! sooo smooothhh.... coool bananas....

so young... so talented. marvelous!

Monday, July 26, 2010

new coffee table? not quite

got a shelf instead. finally somewhere to put our alcohol bottles..and now to figure out what else to put on it. :D

Sunday, July 25, 2010

slim ;)

this is my email adress at work... and for some reason when people don't read my signature, this is my name: slim. now they are gonna know where I sit at work too....

if i decide to take D's name... I will be known as swoon -_-

Thursday, July 22, 2010

forgot AGAIN!

it was our 2nd year anniversary two days ago since we signed our lives to each other.... and guess what? it's the 2nd time we sort of forgot >.< hahaha i had this nagging thought in my head for the past week thinking i was meant to remember something then it hit me today.. OMG our anniversary was on monday! *bleed* what's the worst part?? my dinner sucked big time on monday o_O

this was what happened last year. click here

our conversation when i emailed him earlier today...

"happy belated anniversary! hahaha i just realised it 2 days past our anniversary!"
"YAHH!! somemore i remembered last Friday but forgot on Sunday Night. So what are we going to do this year?"
"at least you remembered earlier....i kept thinking there was something this month but couldn't figure out what. haha somemore bak kut teh dinner fail on Monday! haha bad shapes....need to do anything wan meh?? R u finally going to take me out for a candlelit dinner? hahah i think rather spend the money on shopping :p we buy new coffee table to celebrate! haha"
"hahahah new coffee table"

when he came home he told me he didn't want to set a reminder on his calendar in case i saw it. he wanted to wish me first.....and then he forgot ^_^ at least he tried. we'll soon find out if we get a new coffee table this weekend......

Happy Belated Anniversary sayang... may we have many many more to forget in the future :D


seeing double

boring much? similar make up post, same products, same brand every few months?? i stick to what i know and like.....  and this time i stocked up so i wouldn't have to keep ordering and overspending just to get free shipping ^_^

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

hot chicks!hot chicks!

that's who i was hanging out with during the weekend - the finalists for Australia's Next Top Model. FOR WORK mind you. working on a weekend is never fun but oh well... all part of life.

my morning started at 8:30am which meant i had to be up even earlier to catch the train in the freezing cold morning.. brrrrr *shivers* obciously driving to work in the morning is much much more easier, comfortable and the freezing cold air wasn't something i was used to. so spoilt :p

these gorgeous shots were taken by Fernando Barraza of Backstage Fix and it the flamboyant Adam Williams was the creative director for the day - he made sure the girls knew that they were always to be camera-ready, always always looking hot and that their outfits from the company look fabulous!

Now get ready for a photo galore update....

hahaha i got my shot to be in front of the camera too!! once just coz i jumped in >.<

and the other was only coz they were testing angles...  -_-

tiring but fun and they were really nice... i was tired at the end of the day, i can only imagine them feeling exhausted in 4 inch heels the whole day o_O oh and the new season starts on Fox8 , every Tuesday at 7:30pm EAST. :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010

today's dinner - baked pasta & deep fried asparagus

i've never really been one for experimenting new food. i'm a the type that sticks to what i know. if i was testing a new dish during dinner, i would normally make sure that there is 1 dish that we would both enjoy for sure. today for some reason, our whole meal was experimental. *shocked*

i always thought that pasta bakes would be faster and easier than making normal pasta, dunno why.... but i was wrong. it felt like i had cooked everything and still had to wait for it to be baked -_- well definitely worth the wait with extra fried bacon toppings.... yum!

people who know me know i don't fancy vege. eat it only coz i have to. D pretty much eats most vege and asparagus is one thing he like *blekkkk* we happen to have a bunch in the fridge and i figure if i never cook it'll just rot. so i googled and picked a recipe that was simple and thought that i would eat it..

yeah.. took a bite and left the rest of the plate to him >.< who would have thought finally something deep fried i didn't like.. hehe again my terrible estimation means we have plenty for lunch tomorrow. :)

Friday, July 16, 2010


they say when boys do this.....

it's not gay, it's BROmance ... boys -_- your birthday cake was awesome thanks to these ladies....

and the venue was at our very own neighbour's place :D soooo convenient hor?? especially when you needed random stuff.. hehehe

please ignore my blurred pictures.... this is all i have >.<

now there is have plenty of fishballs to last a very very long time... hehehehe

Australia's Next Top Model *updated*

more fun perks with the company - i have been invited to meet & greet the finalist of Australia's Next Top Model! how awesome is that :D

the finalist are going to be at SUPRÉ George St this weekend - 17th & 18th July from 11am - 3pm. looks like i'm going to be working..... at least i'll be hanging out with pretty girls! ;)


champagne, finger food, beautiful people, sounds like fun? if knew more people or Steph had come along :( the finalist did a catwalk and the vintage styled clothing were beautiful; the shoes were probably a bit difficult to walk in coz i thought some of them walked funny (not that i can walk any better -_-)

the view from where i was sitting

Sarah Murdoch, host for ANTM

see all the pretty pretty dresses??

my little goody bag

too bad i only brought my lil canon... then again among the photographers there... shy lah bring out the D90. hopefully this weekend i'll be able to take pics with the girls :D