Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a whole lotta randoms

on friday we played "lucky" (also known as poker pool) with JD and Clara. it's been forever since i last played, probably back in college days. thank goodness can still pot some balls in. hehehe that's not the best bit. we challenged boggled while playing lucky. talk about multi-tasking, it definitely threw off our boggle game. hahahaha


today i introduced Steph to boggle. she's downloaded it straight away >.<


i received a lovely sample ring from GFA today.  it was really lovely, just nice for Spring :)

it was to match the bangles we ordered. it comes in 3 colours..... isn't it prrreeeettyyy??


today just like every monday i had trouble waking up and pulled out what i thought was just easy and comfortable. a simple black dress and a comfy cardigan.

my one eyed owl

flower ring


have you ever gone shopping, spent heaps of money but came home empty handed? that's what me & D did yesterday. we spotted this buffet for our place at the right price with the right design and decided that we better get it before it sells out. then while moving around our furniture to imagine placing an extra chair in our living room, we noticed our coffee table legs were cracked. o_O sheesh.... when we found the coffee table we wanted on sale, our table was fine. now that the sale is over... we need to get one. *smacks heads*

so after a couple of hours shopping and spending money.... we still walked home empty handed. all the items we wanted were in the warehouses and had to wait to pick them up. not fun at all..... sulks.....


gizzy went for a hygiene groom and now he is all fluffy and white... and now his hair is floating around the house -_-

Saturday, August 28, 2010

where i would be tonight

if i was in Melbourne, but alas i am based in Sydney and will be going for a good cheap ($3 per plate apparently) sushi with some awesome company instead. good food, fun friends, wonderful way to start the weekend.

happy weekend everyone! i'm so glad it's friday..... *grin*

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

sunny day

spring is almost here and the sun was lovely today. steph and i soaked up some vitamin D for lunch, the weather was perfect. i also had members of the vdm family telling me that i'll catch pneumonia for wearing a sun dress today -_- ahhhh pffttttt

look at the clear blue sky! and because it's spring it's still nice and cooling. haihzzzz... if only we could hang at the beach. soooo tempted to tell boss it's such a lovely day out there, me & steph are heading to the beach *grin* we can only dream.

in your face

just like every other dog, G loves the wind in his face so when i opened the balcony door .... he went straight there.

please ignore the terrible pictures...unfortunately this is the quality of my phone cam. and if i got up to grab my camera...G will just come running -_-

Monday, August 23, 2010


feeling a lil bored over the weekend i decided to scrub the kitchen stove so everything would look shiny. i tend to clean when i'm bored, angry, annoyed or grumpy. i was also procrastinating something i had to do which in the end left it till sunday night -_-

so anyways ... not the point. i was actually just going to share this picture when i cooked after cleaning the stove. i thought it looked cool... like a hand reaching out to grab you!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


i've always thought flowers were beautiful...but don't expect me to plant any myself nor do i actually really fancy receiving bouquets of flowers (i rather them gifts i can keep) hahaha this morning D & J had to go vote, so i thought i'd take G for a walk in the park next to the voting place and came across these flowers. so preeettyyy...

G enjoying the wind in his face

aren't they just beautiful??

Saturday, August 21, 2010

new recipes

over the weekend D & I went shopping for new toys for G the Destroyer since he had pretty much destroyed all his toys. we also stopped by victoria's basement because who doesn't love shopping for their home. :) we were looking for just a couple of items and of course came home with much much more. the most exciting thing i got was kylie kwong's - simple chinese cooking.

being the main chef in the house, it's up to me to make our meals a little more interesting and when i spotted this big with BIG pictures, i couldn't resist. it ever thought me how to cut a whole chicken right..... i still can't get it right though. o_O i normally rely on the internet but it gets boring after a while.

now to try new recipes.... too bad D was in Melbourne right after the weekend -_- today i finally tried my first recipe from the book.

this was the recipe....and this is my dish

not bad right? it's amazing what a little sprinkling of spring onions would do to make the dish look so much nicer. and it actually tastes good too.... kylie kwong's book - awesomeness!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


you like seafood? i love seafood. just before my wedding when i was back in KL, we went with a bunch of friends to Kepong to eat crabs. 8 people, 7 kilos! hahaha it was soooooo yummmy! pictures? what pictures?? everyone too busy eating lar. just a couple of weeks ago, i was craving seafood and you always have to eat seafood with a bunch of people or you just end up with 1 dish. luckily enough we were invited to a seafood dinner at beverly hills - Masthai. it sounds thai but it's actually a chinese seafood restaurant. o_O

now the fisherman's wharf seafood restaurant at the sydney fish market was at a completely different level. the lobster noodle was..... oooo laa laa... i couldn't resist no taking a picture before we ate.

even thinking about it makes me "lou hou sui" (drip saliva) ... and i was lucky enough to pack some leftovers home for dinner. my cravings for seafood has been satisfied.... for a while at least :D

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

floral cardi

i'm not the biggest fan of floral... but there's always random stuff that i think is cute (even though it CAN look a lil grandma-ish) and since spring is coming round, it'll be nice to have something flowery in my closet.

floral cardi from ebay, cream lace back tee & khaki shorts from SUPRÉ, belt from catwhiskers

now to bring back some colour into my closet after a black and grey season i've had.

*can you see the extra meat in my cheeks.....OH NOOOOooooooooo*


i should have realised... or notice when vouls says she's been working for the past 6 years and haven't had an increment. i thought she was just being kwa cheong but i could possibly be wrong. boss told me today that there won't be an increment...nothing with my work or how i'm doing my job. just since my role hasn't changed, i'm not doing more or less there is no reason to have an increment.

like yo! inflation is every year... does that mean coz i'll be doing the same thing for the business i'll never get paid more? i don't think the business will really ever hit budget with the way they spend money.. OMG! bleed....i seriously need to figure out how to make money elsewhere...do something myself or find another job. haihz... sien.

Monday, August 16, 2010

taylor momsen for material girl

taylor momsen is rocking the new campaign for material girl; looks by Madonna and her daughter Lola.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


while online shopping at a friend's online shop i came across this diamonte rolling stones tee - it's bling and i like it! unfortunately it was sold out online.... so i "thick face" abit and asked if she has anymore stock coming in and could keep 1 for me. she's such a darling and when it finally arrived; i loved it!

rolling stones diamonte tee from stylesofia, shorts from SUPRÉ, stockings from RUBI, bangle a gift

can you see the bling? she has a lot more awesome pieces. check out www.stylesofia.com for their edgy, vintage inspired pieces. thanks my dear for keeping this for me!! much love xoxo

wicked is wwwiiiccckeeedd!!!

me & D were invited to watch the musical Wicked and you won't believe how excited i was. i heard soooo many good reviews about it and who doesn't know the story of the Wizard of Oz? it is only natural to be curious about some of the character's past since there is one (in other words, we're just 8 la).

the 2 leads had amazing voices; one more annoying than the other .. hehe but fits her character extremely well. the green witch has such a captivating voice that everytime she sung i just sat at the edge of my seat trying to go closer :D

they sold really cute soveniors for the show. the had green lens glasses, witch hats, jewelry with shoes and stuff and of course the standard mugs, t-shirts and program books. D was asking if i wanted a program book, i just think it's a waste of money coz we won't do anything to it after the show. so instead... we got this.

it was a glass with lights!! it came with a slurpee like drink and the light changes colour! hahaha just like kids we kept flickering the light until we heard the lady telling people to turn off the light >.< hehe

map to emerald city

the story happens long before dorothy drops in. 2 girls meet in the land of Oz; one born with emerald green skin and is smart fiery and misunderstood. the other is beautiful, ambitious and very popular. Wicked tells the story of their remarkable odyssey, how there 2 unlikely friends grop to become the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good.

if you haven't seen it, you definitely should!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

cute red hat

i enjoy dressing up and love the fact i can wear whatever i want to work. the only problem is that coz i start work so early and ain't a morning person - i end up in whatever seems comfy in the morning which is normally jeans, tights, something with stockings and a comfy jacket. on and off, i do manage to pull off a cute outfit.

dress from ebay, hat from the markets, knee high socks from SUPRÉ, boots from Betts

looking at this outfit, it does look a little 60s. think i'm missing the sleek, bambi eyed look though.

peeptoe shoes warehouse sale!

i got an email a while ago telling me about peeptoe's warehouse sale happening this weekend. didn't think much of it coz i didn't really wanna shop and was thinking that hmmm shoe sales start from $50, it must be shoes that no one wants..... then today steph asks me "did you know that peeptoe is having a warehouse sale?? it's just nearby. shall we go?" -_- of course when there's someone to go with!

it's actually just down the road from where i live. hahaha took us a while to find parking. had to queue before we went in but not for long.... then it was SHOE HEAVEN! we didn't know where to start! i have to say that they arranged everything very well. all the sizes were put into aisles so you just had to walk down the aisle and see what they have in your size. there were heaps of staff and very friendly & helpful too. i can imagine the mess they must be going through  and crazy customers (experience of the FJ Benjamin days). So did i find anything i like?? OF COURSE!! as if i won't come home with a new pair of shoes >.<

the packaging is so pretty. it's like buying a little present for yourself - there's a bow on the bag and on the box so when you go home and open it... it makes you feel all happy inside. hehehe well new shoes will do it anyway! :D

my "miss Lmanema" in cream for $50. i'm soooo happy!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


sometimes you just don't feel like wearing jeans... but because it's winter you pretty much still have to wear something long. these pair of pants are soooooo comfy - the material is nice, soft and silky.

outfit from SUPRÉ, heels from Guess?

p/s - i only took off my jumper to take the shot...even though the sun was out it was still winter!

gizmo the destroyer

i swear he is destroying ALL of his toys. see this perfect ball? it's his favourite ball. loves chewing on it and blowing the air out of the ball.

while watching TV yesterday, i heard this crunching sound. worried that he had got hold of something he wasn't suppose to have i saw this.

he ate half of it. yes, he has destroyed his favourite ball o_O and look who else is dead....

the destroyer strikes again!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

half boiled eggs

i absolutely love half boiled eggs but can't make them for nuts! i was spoilt when i was a kid, mum or the maid made it for me. then of course we had this:

which helped alot! mine didn't quite turn out so right.... the whites were too cooked and there were some uncooked bits *ick

i should go hunting for this egg maker thing. it's damn cool can make half boiled or hard boiled in a microwave. hmmmmmm