Monday, January 31, 2011

the twilight series

every since the twilight movie came out, i could never understand why everyone was going crazy over edward.... that is until i started reading the book. i have to say that the book is much much better than the movie (no offence to the producers of course) but isn't that always the case. there is just too much details that would make a movie way too long. stephanie meyer has create edward to be such a gentleman, almost the perfect guy in everyway and of course the desire bella and edward have for each other is such a thrill. four days and i'm done with the first book. putting it down before bed is extremely hard coz it just gets more and more interesting and now i'm a lil worried to start the next one. i can't believer the rest of the books are almost double or triple the read. well, at least i'll be kept occupied for a while. not only that, clara has another series lined up for me when i'm done with these. she also included a bookmark to use which i find very cute.

lilbro going home...

you only miss it when you know it's not going to be there. lilbro called me yesterday telling me that he has made his decision to go back to kl for good. he may consider coming back after a few years but as for now, he'll be taking care of all he needs to and heading back home once everything is settle which is probable at the end of february :( that's one more person short i have in sydney. it's not like we are the closest siblings in the world where we would see each other every day or every week. in fact, we only caught up every couple of week; sometimes even longer. i know going back will be better for him and he'll obviously have more family and friends closer to him and dad will be sooo happy to have him back; so i'm happy for him but there's this little sad feeling i have coz i know i won't get to see him as much (whatever little it is) as i do now. oh well.... i'll just have to keep reminding him of me.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

la la no more...

after trying to maintain having really light hair, i figured it was too much work and expensive seeing that i needed to touch up my roots every couple of months. i'm pretty sure when the light blond-ish colour, the first thoughts that came to mind to many friends were... "wah... so la la..... giggle giggle giggle" in fact, the closer friends who had the chance pretty much told it to my face >_< just fyi.... it wasn't meant to turn out so light. it's actually nice to have dark hair again and i reckon it's easier to match my outfits *grin*

Friday, January 28, 2011


maxi dress from supre; necklace from diva & lovisa

it's friday... yeay!! it started off with absent mindedness; i forgot to put on my rings making my fingers feel naked and i didn't complete my make up today -_- i walked out of the house without any blusher on my cheeks and ended up looking colourless and pale. i got to catch up with steph for lunch, so many stories..... so much to say but sadly my lunch hours are not as flexible as it use to be. glad to hear you had an amazing holiday *jealous*

the new thundercats

i'm sure anyone who is an 80's baby would know the phrase "thunder... thunder.... thundercats! hoooooooooooooo". i heard a while back that they were re-making the thundercats and then didn't hear of it again. that was a couple of years ago. and then i came across this:

i'm not so sure how much i'm liking the new look. lion-o and cheetara looks a little too young and don't seem to have that wise-look in them. oh and apparently the might have removed snarf - the cat. o_O weird

Thursday, January 27, 2011

australia day 2011

it was a super hot australia day and we were invited to what aussie's love to do most, a bbq. if they had it their way it was be a bbq on the beach. so anyways... it started at 11am, we got there at 1pm >.< .....hey! it was a day off work and we wanted to sleep in and spend some time with G since he would be at home alone the rest of the day... most of them had finished eating by the time we got there with the chicken and potato salad. we didn't have to have lamb coz the fella who brought lamb finished it before we arrive. hehe well that's what the host said.

we laughed so hard playing charades and cranium..... where i found out that i suck big time at guessing multiple choice questions ( coz we couldn't choose the longest answer anymore; also probably why my grades weren't all that good O_O) and we figured out an obscene ways to describe "man". some high and low points from andy were:

the good: we know what trucculent, yipps and egree mean
the bad: some of us should start watching the simpsons
the ugly: some people can't do a charade for jurassic park, some people who are tone deaf should not be allowed to hum "umbrella" by rihanna and line dancing and lion dancing are 2 different things.....

it was hilarious! i also met an old friend i hadn't seen in ages. for dinner, it was round two bbq! *grin* oh and did i mention that while i was there, only clara was the cook? what happen to the men??? tsk tsk tsk

beijing bicycle

over the weekend i caught a couple of interesting movies and it was this movie that weirdly enough i sat through. they practically created a whole story from a bicycle! obviously there was more to it than just the bicycle...

"Beijing Bicycle revolves around a seventeen-year-old boy Guei (Cui) from the countryside who came to Beijing to seek work. He finds a job with a courier company, which assigns him a brand-new bicycle. After it is stolen one day, the stubborn Guei goes on a search for his missing bicycle. At the other end of the city, Jian (Li) is a schoolboy who buys Guei's stolen bicycle from a second-hand market. When Guei's search brings the two boys together, more than the ownership of the bicycle is brought into question." .... wikipedia

having been to china once (hk not counted), i for a fact know that bicycles are a big thing there. there are sooooo many of them that it's scary to try to cross the road so we kinda get the whole bicycle thing. and since D cycles, he recognised the brand of the bike in the quite funny how there are so many silent moments throughout the film and there are some comedy scenes in it. you watch the life of these two boys; how they handle what is thrown at them. slow but intriguing. at some moments you think there isn't a point to the movie, and then you get it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

G spot

G's taken over a new spot. our bright red ikea chair and won't move even if you're going to sit in it. he rather just be squashed on the side as long as he's still on it. i'm sure he loves it more being so close to any one of us. he's got it all figured out, dangle one paw down and rest chin on armrest; comfiest spot in the world!

pop tarts

i remember watching american movies and kids eating this for breakkie, never tried one until today. the groccers downstairs were selling them and decided we should give it a go. it's not cheap - it's like twelve bucks for 8 pieces but is quite a tasty snack. too sweet for the early morning though. too bad they didn't sell a variety of flavours in a box, the blueberry is gooooooodd.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

tonight's dinner: nachos

lately we've been heading to maisey's for supper and have been ordering the nachos there. then today it crossed my mind that it can't be that hard to actually make it and we would be able to remove all the additional stuff that we don't eat; kidney beans, avocado mash, sour cream, japaleno... that's what i don't eat anyway. D eat japaleno and sour cream but we can put that on the side. it's really simple, the seasoning is the taco seasoning to cook with the beef, add some mexican chilli powder, tomato paste, pour it over the chips, cover with cheese and bake. i left mine in the oven for too long which you can tell from the burnt chips on the side. it was really yummy but realised that without all the stuff that i don't eat, it wasn't quite the same. oh and i made way way too much. supper anyone??

Friday, January 21, 2011

good things don't come cheap

ever since i started collecting charms, i've come across so many sites online that sell them for less than half the price; so after considering for a very long time, i decided I had to satisfy my curiosity and ordered some. i couldn't wait for them to arrive, was pretty worried that i got conned and overly paranoid that the website was a scam but it finally arrive and.......

obviously too good to be true -_- they were cheap replicas and they looked terrible. from what i've bought before, thomas sabo charms come in round boxes. surprised i even received a box, the finishing was matte and not glossy and there were dents where you can tell that the glue weren't stuck properly. the charm was the worst, the back wheel didn't even have any holes in them!! and it was so badly painted that you can spot how odd it looks so no, it's not going to be dangling on my bracelet. i was kinda dissapointed coz i expected something decent; what was i thinking. D felt so bad for me that he offered to buy me a new charm *grin* well i've learnt my lesson - if you want to buy replicas make sure it's A grade! hahaha i'm kidding ....... make sure you buy the real thing.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a very .... very belated birthday present

when she had ask me my postal address, i had given her my work add so i didn't have to pick it up from the post office. then i got the text telling me that i might need to still head to the post office coz she sent it via registered. i was thinking to myself... oh nooo (and i'm not trying to be difficult) but it's actually quite hard since they open after i start work and close before i end. thank goodness the receptionist could sign for it. when i saw her name as the sender i pretty much ripped it open and pulled out this box. and even though the price tag was left on the gift it's still sooo pretty and shiny..... *sparkle*sparkle* thanks babes!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

kylie kwong at billy kwong...

i have kylie kwong's cookbook and her recipe book is great, although it was a little dissapointing that there wasn't really all that many recipes for such a thick book but used and followed properly the food was awesome. so no surprise i very happily agreed to try out her restaurant, billy kwong (i think it's her brother's name), no idea why it's not called kylie kwong though ... ahh with the kwong name there, same same :) it was a little unexpected to me that they only serve locally grown, organic and biodynamic produce and i completely support them for this but unfortunately my taste buds were so over spoilt with msg that i didn't feel complete after the meal. poor D felt conned after watching her food on tv which turned out completely different. it definitely was tasty but it felt like something was missing. it would be nice to actually try her "not so organic" cooking. i can only imagine how good it would taste *mouth waters* so after having a nice healthty dinner we needed to indulge ourselves a little bit and ended up at cold rock;

where i got to enjoy my lemon sorbert with nerds and mini m&ms... hmm yummies!