Friday, February 25, 2011

the dancing donkey

my father buys my nephew the funniest toys... check out the dancing donkey. i think it's damn cool.

Monday, February 21, 2011

roadtrip: southern highlands

our trips are really more for the food. first stop mcdonalds! we obiviously had to fill our tummies before starting our trip, it wasn't really a long drive. just about an hour before we had our next stop. we visited the bowral market which was erms.... nothing much really. G got to see horses for the first time and he was pretty intrigued; couldn't help wondering what he was thinking when he saw them. if only we could read their mind.

then it was to town where we had lunch at the gumnut patisserie where anything the pastry was those that melt in your mouth. their pies and desserts were almost heaven and it was really a pity we couldn't take any home as it was closed by the time we were done with our hike.

the happy hikers
flying alex
the mountain lion we saw on the way >_<

i was told we were going for a hike but it was only when we got there did i find out it was a three hour return hike o_O the box vale trail was quite a nice walk, i thought we were heading towards a waterfall or something.... but we only got a view from the top. i was hoping for something to cool my hands in, ah well. throughout the hike G's fur was stuck with heaps of tiny twigs so he would stop abruptly in front of us to pull them out almost causing most of us to trip over him. pity we didn't have a better camera coz there were pretty nice locations which me & clara happily offered to come back and be models for *grin* alex got a shock when this giant mountain lion coloured dog appeared out of nowhere and jaydee was entertaining G on the hike back by trying to get him to run through his legs. the empty mcdonald's cup justin was holding was his company for the whole three hour hike.

poor G was soooo exhausted, he slept the whole way home and was in bed by 9pm. oh and to end our trip.... delicious wagyu beef pho for dinner!

another day at the studio


one day shooting a tvc, the next - flat lay shots. it's nice to be out of the office occasionally but two days in a room just means i head back into office with heaps of things to do; not including the additional things from the shoot itself. it's nice that i have a someone else in the team now and it's not just me taking care of everything for the brand. don't get me wrong, i love it but it can be quite draining when there are so many projects running at the same time on such a tight deadline and when it's get a little confusing sometimes *grin* good things are happening and i can't wait to see where it goes!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

the last 2011 cny post

wow..... i haven't got one in a while *grin*
my leftover cup from australia day!!!


i got lucky this year and came home with an angpau ... one that wasn't given from a family member!! hahaha anyhows....cny is over and am really glad i got to have yee sang twice... the last before chap goh meh (chinese valentine's day & the last day of cny) we gathered to have one more chinese new year dinner for 2011. the usual - heaps of food... so much that a few of us went back another day to help finish it up >_< we went on to have a round of cranium where i know now for sure i can't draw, whenever KT guesses, choose the opposite and you'll have the right answer, and the experienced players failed at the game that night. the laughter comes standard with the game and i went to work the next day with a very sexy voice.

Friday, February 18, 2011

lights, camera....action


on the set of our tv shoot. ten outfits, three models... a mess of shoes and yet we couldn't match certain outfits with them o_O it was also the first day for our new marketing manager, how exciting huh? what an interesting way to start working in a new company. sick G was lucky enough to be able to follow me along for the shoot. the silly boy... so clingy when he's sick, as soon as i walked away from him, he started whining. good thing we weren't shooting sound.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

boo... he's not here

i dropped D off in the morning for his flight back home. this is the first time he's travelled back without me. you'd think after a long distance relationship, a short trip away wouldn't be an issue but it still pretty lonely without him home. i had trouble sleeping on the first night, it felt like it i kept waking up. oh i can't wait for him to come back *sulk* ... 2 weeks.... it's only 2 weeks...

Monday, February 14, 2011

without the "yee sang"


you can never have too many chinese new year dinners. although we didn't manage to get any yee sang, there was plenty of food. i am proud to say that my steam prawns were tasty (to me) though it was my first time making it and we had a very nice prawn peeler in clara >_<


the highlight of the night was dessert made by kei. it's weird to pronounce to obviously i don't remember what it is called -_- not only were we all so intrigued while he put the dessert together, we were politely fighting for the extra plates. that couple will definitely be invited for dinner anywhere *grin*

oh and you can't forget the cny cookies that alex brough back.... *happy happy* this is all i get :(