Thursday, March 31, 2011

h&m home collection

h&m has a new home collection and is soooooo pretty! the shots make you just wanna be in there and escape from the real world. the best part of it all, i probably don't need any of it but wouldn't mind having everything ^_^ oh h&m... why can't you be any closer to me.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

from high school to uni

from high school friends to uni mates. it seems to be the time to travel. talking about those days really bring back memories and apparently the one year i studied here was a very eventful years. hahaha how things have changed - we're all working, some married but so far none with kids ... yet. too bad we didn't have much time.

oh and while we were in chinatown, D & i took a short clip for my cous's wedding since we couldn't attend it. heeelllooeee from sydney chinatown!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

high school friends

it's been a super hectic, crazily busy week at work for me. with the launch of our autumn/winter catalogue, the revamp of our website with new products and our graphic designer leaving.... omg it was just tiring. by the time i got home every night, i was pretty much a zombie. was very happily welcoming the weekend (then again... i always am) ^_^  over the weekend, i had some friends drop by sydney. not having met up with them for quite a while, it was good to see them again. it was dinner at lowenbrau - pork overload, dessert at guylian cafe - chocolate overload and supper at maisy's. so many stories of the past, brand new stories and updates on life. good times...

Monday, March 21, 2011

an elephant for G

after a visit to ikea, G's got a new friend. i've been eyeing this elephant ever since i first saw it but it was like 50 bucks and thought it was too expensive for just a toy G would destroy and tear to shreds. it's now dropped to 30 and G went wild when i carried it back into the house. he starting biting and hanging from it while i was still holding onto it, didn't even greet D like he normally does -_- and we noticed that the elephant's actually bigger than him, he's sure gonna enjoy this ^_^

Saturday, March 19, 2011

just chillin'

in such a busy life, you sometimes forget how nice it in to just sit, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the rain falling from the sky in silence. just listening to the sound of the birds, your neighbour vacuuming, planes flying by, cars swooshing down the street and G's feet running around the balcony. it's really quite peaceful. for some reason, staring out into nothing relaxes and calms me. it's really been a while since i've had nothing planned for the weekend where i can just chill, take my own sweet time and chillax. i'm lovin' it

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

movie - unknown

my in-laws are in town for a week to attend J's graduation. and last night was something i hadn't done in a while; watch a movie with parents. the last time i watched a movie with my parents was to see titanic and it was in one of those old cinemas. not gsc, not tgv.... i think it was in the old paramount cinema at old town pj. clearly a very long time ago. i've come to the conclusion that as long as D doesn't guess the ending of a movie, it a good one. unknown is one of those films you come up with so many conclusions and still don't get it right. no clues, no hints and then they explain everything. it's a movie worth watching..

Monday, March 14, 2011

cj hawker food night

apart from family and friends,  malaysian food is one thing i will always miss. lucky enough, we actually know people who can cook it so well, it even smells like a restaurant in malaysia when walking into him home. this round CJ made nasi lemak, sambal with fried chicken as well as his famous curry chicken (all ingredients are from scratch!), cucur udang which should be eaten hot and fresh, hokkien noddles and wa tan hor which is to die for.... we even got to tapau (takeaway) so that we could enjoy it again the next day. omg just looking at the pictures are making me hungry again *slurppp*

note: pictures all stolen from audy as i was too hungry when i smelt the food and completely forgot to take any pictures. thanks audy!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

end term ...makan makan....

lots of nasi lemak, mee siam, woo tau kou (yum/radish cake) with fried wantan skins to end celebrate the end of our badminton term. yup.... the best way to end our hard work is to enjoy good food *grin*

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

another day... another cake...

D's parents had contacted a friend to buy him a surprise cake on their behalf since they weren't here to do it. there was a little miscommunication here and there but at the end of it all there was still a cake. it was meant on his birthday but we had badminton and dinner; it would have been too late for cake blowing. so instead we did it tonight. it looks like we'll be celebrating this birthday for a while *smile*

kevin & chui yen ...

it was an gloomy-ish day.... it drizzled a lil in the morning..... and we were running late coz we got lost. at least me made it in time for the 'i do' *grin* we attended a lovely wedding over the weekend; the bride and groom looked gorgeous and i thought the weather was nice. not too hot, not too cold. at one point, they handed out little plastic wedding cakes which i thought were poppers, until i saw someone breaking open the top. thought to myself "if you break the lid, how are you going to pop it?" and then i realised they were bubble blowers! i wasn't very good at it and seemed like i was spitting at the person next to me -_- dinner at the opera was delish! i normally don't expect much from wedding dinners but wow.. yummies. and to kevin & chui yen, may you have a long happy marriage ahead. welcome to married life!

p/s: oh and why so little pictures from dinner?? my camera ran out of battery *grrrr*