Tuesday, April 26, 2011

it's back to work...

it's the last day of the long easter holiday and i'm lazing at home playing coin dozer on the ipad -_- having long breaks like these remind me of the holidays we use to have while in uni. 3 months of not doing anything, going out late and sleeping in till noon. haihzzzz it's back to work with an early morning shoot tomorrow. on the bright side, it is only a three day week. either it's going to be crazy busy (very likely) or just slow week. till next holidays.....

bob the builder - fail

when we first moved into our home, we had plans..... to have shelves to fill our bear walls. slightly more than a year later it is finally done ^_^ at least our super long weekend was productive. D being our very own 'bob the builder' had planned it out. bought what we thought were the right wall anchors and screws from bunnings, used the stud finder for beams and started our little project. after half an hour or measurements and markings on the wall he starts..... and snaps the screw o_O made a big hole in the wall and realised that maybe this wasn't a job to be done on our own. we soon found out from our trusty handyman that D has hit a concrete/bean with his first screw and that our walls were part plaster, part concrete beam. good thing we called the handyman, now our shelves are nicely set up. now to find stuff to put on it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

my 3D porn encounter...

WARNING: this post could be possibly disturbing!

Leni Lan Yin & Yukiko Suo
Saori Hara & Vonnie Lui Hoi Yan
i had a really nice relaxing quiet weekend which ended in watching porn at the cinemas. yes, it's not a typo - porn in 3D! sex & zen: extreme ecstasy is the first 3D porn film to be shot. two of the four lead girls are japanese ... and so cute and pretty. *note: these pictures do not do them justice* after the first half hour we were ready to go. the movie went on for almost 2 hours! omg... been there, done that, never again. apparently there are talks to film a 3D porn spoof of avatar o_O

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

dot dot dot

my stuff from forever 21 arrived ... so happy. this polka dot dress is one of them. i think i'll be shopping more often with them. should have added that red bow hairband i have on this outfit. hahaha other than that, works been full on. i can't wait for the weekend to come - feeling so tired.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

lost in the morning

last flight in the night before and an early morning shoot the next day. don't know if it was a good thing or bad - good i didn't have to think to much at work except for styling; bad i was damn tired and had to be at the studio early. my day started with me dragging my ass out of bed and arriving at the wrong studio -_- i assumed that since it's in the same location, it was the same studio..... boy was i wrong. thank goodness it was only 5 minutes away from the other one. today we were shooting the mother's day tvc and i was very happy we finished early. funnily enough i got home only to end up cleaning house.

Monday, April 11, 2011

yonex australia open in melbourne

it was a short trip over to melbourne to watch the australian open for the weekend. this was my 3rd trip to melbourne and i still hardly saw anything. saturday morning started early with all of us catching a train to the airport.

after checking into the hotel, some friends were nice enough to pick us up and took us to the pantry; home to the pantry cooking show. the waffles were awesome!! then it was off to the badminton games. super kan chiongs lar! especially when malaysia was playing. 

malaysian women's doubles win in semi finals
the next day, it was jalan-ing in the city, abit of shopping and then to the finals. unfortunately someone took us on the wrong tram and we ended up at port melbourne where i got to see the spirit of tasmania. an experience but that meant we were late for the game o_O

something you don't use regularly in sydney
the giant "spirit of tasmania"
the biggest game of all - mens single - wong choong han vs sho sasaki
wong choong han lost. the last point he lost was damn potong steam la. it was such a close game and a very exciting one. what a pity. oh and one thing i'll never get use to in melbourne is the weather. we were all geared up for the cold but had to change into shorts & thongs coz it was so warm. and then... we walked out of the match into wet cold weather  -_-

Saturday, April 9, 2011

the final surprise.....

buying a birthday present for D is no easy task. it's not that i don't know what to get him... it's half the time i can't afford it on my own; well actually not so much i can't afford it but technically shouldn't fork out so much money just like that. for example of some of things i know he wants:
  • an amp to accomodate 3D
  • 18' rims & tyres
  • iphone 5 - which is not out yet
  • and of course the new ipad 2
yes yes... i know his birthday was like early march but the damn ipad only released on the 25th march; not only that - i obviously wasn't going to queue up because some people have jobs (no offence to those who semangatly lined up) and so i left it to our dear friend alex organised everything for me *grin*

after the long wait it finally arrived! this is the first time i've kept a secret from D for such a long time. as per previous birthday post, i'm not very good in hiding surprises. you have no idea how kan cheong i was throughout the day waiting to see his face when we surprised him. i swear, keeping surprises are bad for my health. pity the surprise pictures weren't clear but ah well... he got his gift.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

zara's coming to australia!

i did my share of shopping over the past week - sample sale, full day shopping at top ryde and a round of online shopping on forever 21. although i'm still waiting for my online stuff to come, my asos items which got lost in the post arrived. asos was really nice, told me to wait a while and when it didn't arrive, they resent my items. so anyways, after much shopping .... i got wind that zara is finally opening their first store on the 21st april. omg! a-shopping, here i come!!

i wonder how they will bring their collections in with the different seasons...