Wednesday, August 31, 2011

beautiful lights

australian photographer - lincoln harrison. this was a 15 hour shoot in the outback of australia and he titled them; dead tree stars. such beautiful gorgeous lights.... if they sky was really like this, i would like and stare at it forever. *dreams*

Saturday, August 27, 2011

dreamworld ... and then home

dreamingworld was all about rides... in fact one round around the world on the train and that was it. we rented a locker, chucked all out stuff in. since it the rain clouds kept moving and it kept drizzling, we decided to start by getting wet on the log and rapids ride.then it was all the exciting ride after ride after ride. well for me at least. after the claw, alex was dizzy, justin was feeling nausea and D...just not quite right. bad shapes.

the next day was shopping, a trip to the european looking town in mt tambourine and back to sydney. now it's back to work and i'm sick thanks to all the rain. perfect way to end a holiday??

the kid at movie world

i felt like a kid again at movie world. i wanted to take pictures with so many characters but alas they weren't roaming the streets. the weather wasn't the greatest but we were lucky that everytime we got on a ride, it stopped. the best part, there weren't really any queues since it wasn't peak season. it wasn't too crowded and we got to do plenty. it still felt a little rush coz we only got there after lunch. we had a very big homemade breakfast/brunch which consists of bacon and eggs, potato gems, mushrooms and PANCAKES! hmmmm thinking of it still makes my mouth water.

Friday, August 26, 2011

the long awaited gold coast trip

it was such a long time since we planned this trip. i remember how excited we were when we had booked our tickets and accomodation in .... i think it was may! o_O we had gorgeous service apartments at surfers paradise due to some staff benefits *grin*

it was my first proper trip to the gold coast, the first time i've seen the metermaid and had to pay five bucks for pictures -_- ahhh well.....this trip there was a lot of eating and i meant ALOT, walking and funnily enough of coin dozer. hahaha we were at the timezone amusement centre every single day! and at the end of the trip, we came home with a new sandwich maker, photo frame and random little things. it definitely kept us cheaply entertained for a very long time.

we did play other games apart from coin dozer. see the boys serious face car racing and clara's super kan cheong face playing pacman vs. i guess it has been a while since we've played these games.

for dinner we got a very entertaining show at shogun in bundall. the chef and show was much better than the one i tried in north sydney. portions were decent and it really fun. of course there was a little wastage since we girls weren't very good catching food with their mouths and alex got a whole chunk of egg thrown at him >_< oh and the highlight of my night was watching hot girls strip at hollywood! pheweeetttt....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

obsessed G

it is funny how G stares at his moose when you wave it around slowly. so intense, so calm, all ready to pounce - and he did.....

Monday, August 15, 2011

starting the week

it's monday again... can't say i'm a big fan of going back to work after the weekend but ahhh well. that's life. D bought me a couple of super hero t-shirts from his trip. i'm gonna need superman powers to get through this week. lots to do and then it's off to the gold coast! can't wait for it to be friday already...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

not so suprise birthday

this was the funniest suprise we tried to plan. creating a new group on whatsapp just to plan, building ideas and plotting. we didn't hear from the husband so D sent out an email with all the details, having to drop by our place, hidding in the bedroom, getting the birthday girl to come up... etc etc etc. and the one reply we got back - "sorry i wasn't clear enough, she already knows we're going over to blow cake" -_- ah well.... at least the ice cream cake was still a suprise and she wasn't really expecting her birthday present just yet. happy happy birthday babes!! .... you can now be official photographer with your canggih camera!