Wednesday, December 28, 2011

boxing day sale

it went by so quickly... christmas but i did enjoy the break. since the boys were into their rc cars, i was out with them till wee hours in the morning while they played. this meant we got to bed at pretty much when the sun was brightly shinning and slept in. the best part about summer - the sun stays up for so long that it is still shinning when we wake up much later in the day. this year we went shopping to check out the boxing day sale, well actually the day after boxing day and there were good stuff but i wasn't at all in the shopping mood. surprise surprise -_- we did however get distracted with games and realised when we got home that we had completely forgotten to buy new towels and a comforter o_O looks like we'll be out shopping soon.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

merry christmas

i couldn't find him a santa outfit so i put my own santa hat on him. we would like to wish everyone a very merry christmas and a very happy new year!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

never judge a book by its movie

i'm not much of a reader and i think buying books are a waste of space...and money >_< however i do occasionally buy books i've read, enjoy reading and don't mind reading again. that is why i ordered the twilight series (and also it was on our deals so i got it pretty cheap) *grin*. i started reading them all after watching the first movie and just like most of them .... the books are definitely better. good thing i read them after watching twilight, coz if i watched new moon first... i never would have picked them up. collectors set... might as well right?

the spirit of giving

i love christmas and i think everyone else does too. apart from getting public holidays, we get gifts!! i know christmas should be the spirit of giving and sadly i didn't do much of that this year but i did receive a lot from the people i work it... and it is always a nice surprise when you just receive a card, a basket of gingerbread men and just some bottles of champagne/alcohol. these are just some of the gifts i got this year. i hope everyone got what they wanted this christmas... happy holidays!

Monday, December 19, 2011

holidays should always be like this

this was a longer trip than the last but there was so much more to do! we touched down and pretty much planned a wedding (well the hubby did anyway)..caught up with family and friends, attended another wedding.... we were pretty much at the mamaks every night and always never failed to leave the place with heaps of glasses on the table. we ate and ate and ate, i attended a drift event for my first time which was really fun (with all of us hoping someone would crash into another) except that i wasn't feeling too well and the hubby had to rush me home after a couple of hours. however there were people i still didn't manage to meet, there's always so much to do .... oh and did i add how adorable my little nephew is??  too bad he's sooooo far away. well we had an awesome time but we are pretty happy to be back home.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

christmas bbq on the park

gizmo met a new friend today - mosby. a super cute mini schnauzer where half the time you're trying to find his eyes. we ran late as usual for the christmas bbq (as per previous post).... but it also meant we got there in time to eat *grin* there weren't all that much food to cook since we had prepared plenty. the weather turned out to be really good considering when we woke up it was so cloudy we were worried it was going to rain. the dogs were having an awesome time playing, the girls were chatting and soaking up some vitamin d, the boys were playing with the frizbee and we playing our silly kris kringle game. christmas is almost here and we'll be on holidays again! yeay....

boys and their toys

yes i have been missing online for about a month. i have to say, not having data on my phone is quite liberating. no constant checking facebook and emails, the vibration from chat groups and etc. well, that was just for holiday and i think i've had enough data free time *grin* so anyways, for the past two weekends i've been back, it's been all about the boy's new hobby - RC cars. last night i was out till three in the morning while they were running their cars. it was pretty fun, for them that is and that's pretty much all they talk about. well.... looks like this is what we'll be doing for the next few weekends. i'm off to a christmas bbq as soon as the boys come back from the hobbies shop. hope that's soon.