Tuesday, January 24, 2012

welcoming the year of the water dragon

chinese new year is never as fun without your family and friends, the public holidays and all the sweet goodies like the pineapple tarts, white biscuit and kwei ka pets. at least we got to 'lou sang' and when you lou with 'children' - points at james and alex, there will definitely be a mess. yes, that is why there is a picture of my hand with someone trying to lick it clean. i can very proudly say i cooked half the dinner and we tapau-ed the rest. it's a little hard when i couldn't cook in my own kitchen but i'll save that for another post. well, happy chinese new year - may you have a prosperous new year with great health and love. oh and eat plenty of sweet goodies on my behalf.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

the twiggy do

it's been a pretty hectic week - late nights pulling styles for our shoot, early mornings because i'm stressed we can't shoot everything we want to and sore feet from being on them the whole day running up and down like a monkey. this happens pretty much every month since we shoot new campaigns pretty often. the campaigns are the stressful ones, it's the online shoots that at fun. at yesterday's shoot we found a wig used in another brand's campaign and i couldn't resist. i had to see how i looked like in a short blonde wig. funnily enough after posting this on my facebook i receive comments on how funky it is and some actually thought it was real! so just to set the record straight.. no i have not cut and dyed my hair. i still have my boring shoulder length half dyed style >_<

Friday, January 6, 2012

soy sauce chicken

it's the new year, we have new plans and they all include having to save money.  it seems 2010 was a year spent on wedding and many trips back to kl; in other words - holidays. so one way of saving money is eating home and for week one of the new year, we have made good progress. i have tried a couple of new recipes which wasn't quite what we expected. the latest one: soy sauce chicken.

while cooking the lovely aroma filled the house and it made my mouth water. i was quite please the way it turned out until i tasted it that it. the chicken came out way too salty >_< this is what happens when the estimation goes awrong. the next time i get it right, i'll put up the recipe. *fingers crossed* i'll get it right the next time.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

twenty twelve

twenty eleven went by really quickly and now it's already twenty twelve! it started off with me being sick on new years day which i'm guessing it was probably my own fault for not keeping myself hydrated properly while camping out the whole day to catch the fireworks. i have a pretty good excuse... the toilets were a good walk away and you should have seen the faces of people when they opened the stall and opted not to go o_O

we went to the exact same spot we camped out at last year, better prepared and a lot more supplies. we had plenty of packet drinks, food, snacks, books, magazines, softer flooring and even a tent! we were a little worried as it was raining in the morning and was looking really gloomy but it completely cleared up later in the day. there wasn't a single cloud out there. then we remembered to slap on plenty of sun screen (except one fella) before we got burnt. i also took note to ensure i don't get any funny tan lines on my shoulders completely forgetting about my watch which has now left a lovely white strip on my wrist.

it was a pretty long wait till midnight but we entertained ourselves. poor G felt the excitement half an hour before the fireworks and snuggled into a corner of the tent with my jumper and hid. the fireworks were as spectacular as i remember them last year but somehow i didn't feel as grand? amused? i can't quite explain. i reckon this would be the last year we'll be camping at this spot. also because we will no longer have someone living closeby for the convenience.

oh and did i say no one brought their SLRs this time round?? photos were taken with our iphones and my polaroid camera... unfortunately my attempt at taking fireworks with the polaroid did not quite work out. well i hope everyone had an enjoyable new year's and i'm sure there's lots of exciting things to look forward to this year!