Friday, February 17, 2012


millers shirt; cotton on shorts, target sandals; forever 21 ball necklace

there are days when i'm on shoot i get to jump in for some shots - i always wanted to be a model when i was younger but never quite grew into my ginormous feet. they say big feet are meant for tall people... clearly not as you can see how i'm pretty much two heads shorter than the mannequin. then there are days when i fool around with props in the studio like the wigs people leave lying around. my hair and make up artist puts it on me so well that many believe i changed my hairstyle o_O couple of days ago, i was pretty lucky i had an easy shoot coz i wasn't feeling up to it. two cups of coffee didn't help but we did manage wrap up the day fairly quickly. it is days like these i'm glad i'm out and not stuck sitting in the office.

oh and please excuse my last of updates... there's been plenty happening but i won't talk about it so i don't jinx anything.