Friday, June 27, 2014

inguinal hernia

being too kan cheong meant that my lil man was prone to being a lil under developed. when we took him for his 6 weeks check up with the paeds, we found out that he had a hernia in his groin area. he had inguinal hernia - you can read about it here. poor boy, one thing after another. 

with inguinal hernia, surgery had to be done and since my lil was still so young, it was best done asap. it was a common procedure. he was to be put to sleep, repaired and monitored for a few hours. the only thing I was worried about was that he needed to fast before the surgery. and I've come to know that babies and no food don't go very well.

he was to check into hospital at 7:15am for a 8:30am procedure. his last feed would need to end by 4:30am to ensure that all food is digested before his surgery. 4 hours without food, if I'm lucky it'll work if not he does get hungry after 3 hours; so I kinda force fed him at 4:00am to make sure he'll last and HE DID! well.. he had to make do with my pinky for a while.

it didn't take long, after an hour and a bit we were taken to him. still drowsy but definitely hungry. we stay at the hospital till they gave us the green light to go home. hope he'll be OK at home... keeping my fingers crossed.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

special care

Omy lil man as previously mention was a lil too excited and decided to pop out 3 weeks early. in fact he was just a few days short of 37 weeks which meant he was premature and unfortunately still considered a preemie. now there is nothing wrong with being a preemie ... except that he had trouble keeping his glucose levels up and he wasn't latching onto my boobies properly to keep it stable. Plus he was considered big at 3.14kg being that young. The doc said that if he was full term I would be giving birth to an almost 4kg baby o_O he also suspected I was borderline GD (gestational diabetic) which made my lil man big.

now since his glucose wasn't stable, they had to take him to the special care unit where they would monitor him to keep them up. this meant he wouldn't be following me back to my room until he is stable. They told me to rest and when I felt ready to have a rinse and check into my room where I will be staying for the rest of week. I would of course get to visit as and whenever I liked.

in special care, to ensure his glucose stabilizes he needs to eat. since he couldn't latch or would too much strength sucking, he had to be tube fed. poor thing, everytime they tested his sugar levels, they had to prick his heel for blood. at least babies heal quickly, but he wasn't happy getting pricked for sure.

I on the other hand needed to get my breast milk flowing so I was learning how to express. so miserable the first few times, could barely fill a stringe. at first you could barely see anything at all.. and finally .. 0.1ml... 0.2ml... I was so proud when I upgraded from a stringe to a container! and it was tiring waking up every 2 hours in the middle of the night. I eventually got use to it now with a crying baby to wake me.

his glucose stabilized by day 3. he then had to learn to latch... well I had to learn to stuff my booby into his mouth at the right time. it was tough not knowing for such if I has it right. thank goodness for the midwives. although everyone had different style and advise, I eventually kinda got it. and practice makes perfect! if he didn't learn to drink on his own, I would have check out of hospital without him. he did but we did have to stay an extra day at the hospital. There were a pair of twins there that had to stay while their mother checked out and she was so upset. can't imagine how it feels. so glad he got to come home with me.

there was a silver lining of him being in special care. a routine was set that he ate every 3 hours. i had enough breast milk to feed him without the frustration of running out and I'm pretty sure a got more rest than other moms there as the midwives at special care would watch over him when I wasn't feeding. still I can't believe he was made inside me.... 

Friday, June 20, 2014

a new chapter

wow.. who would have thought after over a year of not blogging I'll need an outlet to pour out what's in my head and find a way to remember all the things I've been going through. we'll the biggest thing is... I'm a MOM!

my lil man arrived on Easter Sunday. Only 3 weeks earlier than expected o_O I wasn't even off work yet! I had a feeling that he'll be early but didn't think it would be that's early. And they say the first is usually late....

So how did it all happen? It started with sex! Hahahah sorry, sometimes I like to amuse myself >.< Anyways, me and the hubby had so many plans for the long weekend. We would chill, bought easy to make dinners and wanted to watch a movie with free tickets that are still sitting there now. We had a relaxing Good Friday, for some funny reason I decided to wash all the baby clothes and on Saturday, made plans to pick up some stuff at the baby shop and have lunch at a friend's place. As soon as I reached her place and stepped out of the car, I felt a great big leak. I thought I peed myself.... However it continued to leak. Thank goodness I was entering into the house of a now experienced mother of two. That was at 1:15pm.

I told her what it felt like and she confirmed that 'yup' waters broke. I did however still have time to have lunch, chat with them for a bit then made my way home where I called the hospital to find out what to do. I was told since contractions had not started to go home, shower, pack my bags and head to hospital. She even told me to take my time. 

At 4:00pm, we checked into the hospital. The midwife checked me, and so happen my doctor was in the hospital too, he pop by and said since technically I wasn't quite 37 weeks, my lil man was too early. So instead of inducing me, they would wait 36 hours. That's 3 days I'll be stuck in the hospital! 3 days! Oh well. So they poke a hole to put me on antibiotics so I don't risk getting an infection. Since I was still leaking, they had those liner pads placed the bed I had to lie on and I constantly had to change pads. Was a lil annoying but still I got comfortable, the hubby bought me snacks, magazines and I had my iPad to play with. Since he couldn't stay overnight, he left me to sleep at at 1am so he too could get some rest. 

And whadayaknow, just after the hubby left... at 2:00am I started getting some pains. It was like light cramps which I just shrugged off thinking maybe my tummy wasn't feeling so good. And I was really sleepy. The pains started getting more painful ... Seemed like it was happening every 5-10 minutes and half asleep I started googling what contractions were meant to be like an how to time it. Yes yes, I went for the antenatal classes, I'm suppose to know all these but when it happens you really don't know for sure. I even googled Braxton hicks of course not knowing this actually happens earlier in pregnancy. I couldn't figure out anything and was so dead tired by then I would fall asleep, wake up when it was painful, fall back asleep. This went on till 5:00am; till the midwife came in to administer another dose of antibiotic and I told her I thought I was having contractions. She was quite surprised that I didn't call her in earlier to tell her contractions had started! Then she asked if I wanted to be moved to the birthing suite -_- I hadn't realised that I had to make these decisions when I was in pain. Hahahaha I guess they think I know myself best. So yes, I said I should move to the birthing suite and informed the hubby to make his way over. Poor guy barely slept but he made it back to the hospital is 20 minutes.

It was soooo good to have him with me. The contractions are no joke. There's really no way to explain the pain. Since I didn't really get period cramps, I have no idea if it is anything close. People did say it's similar x 10 or 100 *grin* .... now the hubby too didn't really know how to time contractions but ah! that wasn't important. He kept reminding me to breathe, let me grip and squeeze him really tightly and tried to keep me as comfortable as possible. By 6 plus in the am, I had asked for something to help with the pain. First I tried the gas. Cheh! It gave you that nice floating feeling after you've hadn't a few good drinks; but it wasn't taking away the pain. In the end I asked for epidural . The lil man hadn't dropped at that stage and I had felt like pushing. 

The anaesthetist arrive close to 7:00am. While he was telling me what would happen risks and all I was barely listening with all the pain. I'm sure the hubby was paying attention. Now people always ask if the epidural needle was painful. Honestly, after going through contractions, the needle was nothing! And when the epidural took effect it felt sooooo good. I could still feel when I was contracting, just felt like a bit of pressure and it would go away. At this stage I was about 6-7cm dilated but since the baby hadn't dropped I still had a while to wait. It did feel odd though, I could sort of feel my legs and move them around just a lil but it did get uncomfortable coz being so still you would get pins and needles. Funnily more on one side than the other. Once the epidural kicked in I actually got to take a nap till about 10:00am. Even the hubby took a nap. I think which helped during pushing. I was well rested. 

The midwife came to check on me and said I was really to push. In fact had asked me to do a lil push and she could see the lil man's head! Here was something I didn't expect. My midwife asked if I wanted to watch my lil man come out o_O I told her noooo... It might traumatise me but she said that since I had epidural it would be a nice experience and I agreed to have a mirror placed in front of me. After that she contacted my doc to tell him I was ready. He came by 10:30am and that's when it all started. Unfortunately when I was pushing, my eyes were close and missed the show. Hahahaha so much for watching. At 10:41am, my lil man Dylan was born with a head full of hair.

It's quite unbelievable. It was my body that created this lil man and it's a new life. Hard to believe ... It's an amazing miracle.