Wednesday, September 29, 2010

antm live finals

steph and i are heading to the live final of australia's next top model tonight at luna park. the twist was that there are 3 finalist instead of the final 2. i didn't follow every single episode but i think amanda looks and could win. kelsey is the underdog but looks amazing in photos.. sophie erms... not my type? it's live on fox8 tonight at 7:30pm; see if you can spot me in the crowd. hahaha

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

wedges that are not mine

we have these red wedges in our studio from peeptoe shoes. they are soooo cute, don't you think? wear it wrongly and you might end up looking like a clown (like me...) hahaha it was probably the outfit i was wearing that day that just didn't match the shoes (not that it's mine to wear anyway) this is why you didn't get an outfit post but just shoes... bright red, very cute shoes.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


my attempts to return to a more natural looking colour didn't quite work out.  i was in the chair for close to 4 hours!!! i don't know how i use to sit in the salon for 6 hours + just to get my hair done before. i guess the older i get, the more impatient i become. hahaha so instead of coming home with a dark more natural looking colour, i am now lightheaded. this just means after a couple of months i have to head back to the hair salon to get my hair done again.... tsk tsk having coloured hair is high maintenance! -_-

Saturday, September 25, 2010

i have no white shoes

dress from yesstyle; asos multichained necklace worn as bracelet, shoes borrowed from the lizzie

it was only when i wore this dress i realised that i didn't really have white shoes. i couldn't bring over all my shoes from back home but thinking about it, i still don't think i have any white heels there either. how odd... i should really find myself a nice pair. :) *another reason to shop* hehehehe i really like this dress, it is a pretty thin fabric which is really comfy but just have to be careful about what underwear to wear o_O

Thursday, September 23, 2010

my first sale!!!

omg...i'm soooo excited. i just got my first sale on ebay!! my closet is way too packed and filled with stuff that i would like to wear but never pull do. everytime i tell myself it's time to time the stuff that you no longer wear out, i end up putting it back thinking that "i would definitely wear this". 3 months laters and it's still in the same spot untouched.

so one day, i finally decided - screw this, just pull it out of your closet, put it in a bag and give it to charity - farout i have items that still have their tags on!! D comes home and see my giant bag of clothes that i was gonna give away and goes "what a waste, why don't you try selling it on ebay?" hmmmmm... sounds like a plan: get some extra cash and then more shopping!!! hahha i don't think that was his plan o_O

yesterday was the day i was in the mood to do something productive and thought that maybe i should try this out. after taking god-know how long to figure it out, i finally uploaded 7 items. ebay is damn smart - they give you all these additional things that cost $0.10 - $1 for that extra advertising and it totals up to $20. i took everything off and went for the most basic which ended up costing me $1.20 per item. hehehe cheapskate! hey..this is business wei if not how to make money??

just one night and i got 1 sale. i kept thinking it would never work. WHO would be able to find my stuff among millions of other stuff. so.....if you are interested, click here to view the items i'm selling. if u want something and am not in australia... pm me, we can work something out. hahaha


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

twenty8twelve nyfw10

i've always admired sienna's casual, smart laid back and completely effortless looking style. it shows very clearly in her collection. cutey puffy skirt like dresses, osyter hems, so simple, yet looking great.

alright - i'm not gonna fill the blog with endless pictures of the new york fashion week 2010. if you wanna see pics from the shows, click here.

animal print..rawrrrr

chiffon shirt & belt from supré; bag from cotton on; clogs from rubi and D's hat

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

l.a.m.b. nyfw 2010

somehow l.a.m.b in small caps looks a little funny >.< these are some of the cool styles from the ny fashion week for l.a.m.b. 2010 i like how her show is so filled with so many colours and gwen has always pulled off awesome outfits. me likey..... too bad i can only look at pictures and not feeeeel the atmosphere of the whole show -_- maybe one day :)

OMG $100,000!

my title sounds like one of those spam emails you get in your inbox but steph forwarded this to me and... phoaaa!! can you imagine - getting paid a six-figure salary to blog and facebook? it's a 12 month contract, with all mod cons (laptop, iphone.....)

it's all about being australia's savviest shopper. Applications close 1st October, so if you're an australian based blogger, a fashion expert and of course love shopping - enter online at the "shop & tell" link here.

p/s - i entered *fingers crossed*

Monday, September 20, 2010

4 chords

me & D came across this clip over the weekend. who would have thought that alot of great hits just consists of 4 chords. ahhh maazzingg!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

'bring your pet to work' day

G couldn't stop staring at Shanks

well not officially. we brought them in as a special request from lizzie who wanted the online shoot to be a little bit more fun. steph brought in shanks and i brought gizmo; it sure did make our day much more amusing. (half the time i had to go hunt gizmo down though - silly boy was following anyone who had food) our poor pets went home exhausted hahaha

Friday, September 17, 2010


finally... after waiting for almost what felt like forever, the stuff me & leanne ordered from yesstyle arrived. it took like a month to get here, not that they didn't give us the heads up but still i've never really waiting this long for any online shopping -_- and the tights i ordered are not so suitable for spring anymore. boo :p patience is a virtue. *breathes*

i have to say the packaging is pretty nice......

Thursday, September 16, 2010

just G

i just had to share.... tooooooo cute!!!! the lazy boy just stayed there when i put my camera in his face... awwwwww :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


i've been busy... and tired... and didn't really wanna stare at my computer after work so there have been no updates. >.< it's not that nothing has happened but.... :D lazy larr... my in laws were in town last week so as much as i only took 2 days off to layan them, we did a lot of stuff which includes a lot of shopping, visiting and walking/driving around which funnily is quite tiring. during one of our shopping trips, father in law (fil) spotted the dyson bladeless fan and as much as me and D thinks it damn cool, we don't really wanna buy a fan just coz of that (even though we've done so plenty of times) well, fil is lugging this back to kl *grin*

Saturday, September 11, 2010

happy birthday G

G is 2 today .. and the lucky fella got a nice piece of juicy steak (and some lettuce) for his birthday. silly boy kept eyeing the steak while i was trying to take a picture with him. i can't believe i've had him for only 2 years!! it feels like he's so apart of our lives that he's been with us forever... ok maybe that's a bit over exaggerated but...seriously it does feel like it's been a long time. well, he's gonna be with us a long long time.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


white singlet & cargo shorts from supré; sheer floral cardi from ebay; belt from catwhiskers; clogs from rubi

when i think clogs, i actually think of those red wooden ones we use to have in our backyard when i was a kid. boy how things have changed :D i've actually been hunting for a pair that i like and found these... actually i found these first and weren't too sure how much i really liked it until i looked around and found nothing else -_- at least these weren't too expensive and i like how they make me sooooo tall *hearts*

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

lego pictionary

we got a new board game over the weekend since we had spent to much time shopping while the in laws entertained their friends. it's pictionary but instead of drawing you have to build with lego blocks. now i completely suck at building lego since i played with more barbie dolls and bears (and occasional guns) when i was a kid. D on the other hand enjoys it to bits, he's creative and structure, so while he managed to build a dinosaur and truck, i was trying to build a giraffe by placing a block onto 4 thinner stick like blocks and was wondering how to put brown spots on it -_- D still managed to guess hehehe then again nothing beats J's technique, the word was "steak", he build a fork & knife, something on a plate and tried making a cow on the side >.<

my printed jumpsuit

strapless jumpsuit from ses, belt from supré and shoes from novo

the best part about where i work is that i get to wear pretty much whatever i want to work and today i decided to put on my new jumpsuit! it's actually really comfy and i love that it has pockets :D D reckons i'm starting to dress alot like my mum (based on pictures) which is funny because i think so too. there are outfits that i remember her wearing which i didn't like then (so young not fashionable mar) but's a whole different story. i'm looking for the type of bags she use to carry, oversized shirts that she use to wear and prints. apparently all i'm missing is the big hair >.<


rani k is an awesome babe, the hair & make-up artist for our online shoots. a couple of weeks ago, she curled my hair for me at work but then again she was bored. today she thought me to draw my eyebrows because i suck at it and gave me a brush coz i would try to blend it using my fingers (which actually just wipes it off) >.< she even made me try it myself by cleaning off my eyebrow!! thanks hun for all the tips... i shall put them to good use xoxo

Monday, September 6, 2010

jim parsons for rolling stone

for those who watch the big bang theory know who sheldon cooper is. he is the quirky housemate of leonard hofstadter and friend to howard wolowitz and rai koothrappali. i absolutely adore his character. it's hilarious, in fact the whole series is damn funny. 4 science geeks, 1 hot normal neighbour, only known as Penny - can't wait for the new season to come out.

an aussie father's day

father's day in malaysia and in australia have different dates. so confusing. in malaysia, it's the 3rd sunday of june and here it's the first sunday of september. thank goodness it's the same for mother's day! we hardly celebrate these days since we're all so far away.we do of course organise flowers and the phone call/SMS but that's about it.

this time my father in law got lucky. my in laws are in town to check out our new place and of course catch up with the kids and since yesterday was father's day in australia, we had a lil celebration in our own way. ordered in thai food and popped open a bottle of champagne. :)

we finally put the "wicked" glass to good use. happy father's day!


if you noticed we are using wine glasses and not champagne glasses :( now we realise what we are missing at home *hint*hint*

Sunday, September 5, 2010

bambi for ksubi eyewear 2011

it feels like i'm getting more blind. it's weird how astig makes your eye sight seem so bad. i think i need new glasses...maybe i should get a new pair of sunnies :D too bad the frames bambi is wearing won't look so cool on me. haha

Friday, September 3, 2010


i couldn't resist buying this jumpsuit after i saw a peek of it during the weekend. i only managed to pick it up today and can't wait to wear it!! it's all about the prints baby......


everytime i think asam laksa maggi mee my mouth waters and that's exactly what i thought off this morning. i had to wait a whole day to get home to this.

ahhhh...the satisfaction of mixing a lil curry poweder and having it with pork balls  *ssslllllurrrrppppppppp* :D if you buy this, make sure you get them from the asian groccers and that they are from malaysia if not it's NOT THE SAME!!

chocolate bouquet.

i received this yesterday at work. no, not from D - he's bought me more than enough chocolates >.< it's from the radio station we advertise with. so sweet. well, better chocolates than flowers .....