Tuesday, June 28, 2011

carol & her nonsense together forever

the sole purpose of my trip back was to attend a dear friend's wedding. someone i knew since the start of high school, gone through life as it is and was also my bridesmaid. the couple did an amazing job! i have never attended a more detailed, self-made wedding (if that's the right word). beautiful handmade bouquets made our of cloth and buttons for herself and the bridal party, her own headpiece made of cards and to make the memory more special, our door gifts were childhood snacks. i sent D an image of the snacks and he questioned why i was eating them while attending a wedding dinner > _< apart from the heat which was probably worse coz i fly in from winter, the venue was so beautiful and so them. i still remember when carol first told me about him, she was talking like a seventeen girl crushing on this boy she just met. carol and jules... i sincerely believe that the both of you are meant for each other, i wish you all the happiness in the world and i can't wait to see your babies!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

super nintendo

i may have done a lot of shopping in bangkok but the one thing that filled a quarter of my luggage and probably half the weight was the super nintendo nfs. it's quite amazing how D kept it since he was a kid. my family had one too but it's nowhere to be found. surely thrown away since it wasn't played. i still remember the only reason my dad got us one was because my little brother accidentally took home a game and we went back to buy the machine for it >_< i also remember that it was super mario 3. the boys managed to connect it and just seeing it turned on, the graphics and sounds bring back so many memories. talk about it being old school.


just got back from a very hectic holiday to kl and bkk. oh my gosh, so much fun. i don't think i actually got a chance to sleep pass eight am at all and slept no earlier than one am. was way way too busy to update so i was pretty much m.i.a. online. well it's back to reality tomorrow and more blog updates later in the week.

Monday, June 13, 2011

the 'chung' festival

last monday (6th June) was 'chung' day or it seems most people know it better as the 'ba chang' festival. we are not lucky enough to know someone who can make them so we had to hunt to buy them. well actually alex did but couldn't find anything on that BUT manage to get some on friday!! apparently i have any unusual way of eating my 'chung'.... i eat it with sugar. yes, the one with the pork, beans and salted egg yoke is eaten with sugar.that's what my mum gave me when i was a kid :p anyways, for those who don't know there is a story behind the whole 'chung' festival.

"it is to commemorate thhe death of a famous chinese poet called qu yuan who lived during the warring states period in china. he drowned himself because he failed to warn his king of the expansionism of their qin neighbor who eventually took over their capital city. according to legend, people would throw packets of rice into the river where he was drowned to prevent fish from eating his body." i think buddhist believed that when you die there shouldn't be any scars, marks or whatever on your body or you reincarnate with it (don't believe everything i write kay... i could be wrong).

well i got to eat my 'chung' ... it's not as yummy coz it was more glutinous rice than anyting else -_-

Thursday, June 9, 2011

dinner 11020608

when G's hungry, he climbs up onto our dinner chairs to remind us to feed him 

ever so often i try cooking a new dish for dinner. and every time i do that, i worry that it will taste bad and everyone will be stuck with a bad dinner. so to ensure they at least have something that they will eat, i try to make one dish that i know will for sure be tasty i.e the super unhealthy potato salad >_< the other problem i have with cooking is that i never taste my food before serving it which i know is terrible coz then i won't know if i'm missing anything. ah well..... nothing you can't add a little bit of salt to. hahaha last night i tried oven baking bread crumbed pork chops. probably healtier but the bread crumbs weren't crispy; either that or i made it wrong -_- at least the boys didn't complain and they looked like they really enjoyed their dinner. no one had a tummy ache so alls well *grin*

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

vogue online shopping night!

oh i can't wait to get home tonight and log on to shop! pity i don't get home before 5 coz that's when it officially starts and retailers are offering the first order-er (if there's such a word) goody bags! so many retailers, so many offers. click here to see the list of sales offered. that's it... there's goes my shopping budget.

and it's nice to know that a friend is involved in this awesome event. check out stylesofia and the offer she has: first 20 orders receive an exclusive Girls Night In party pack (no minimum spend). Each winner announced every 15 minutes on stylesofia.com and Facebook. party pack includes custom items created exclusively by designers consisting of awesome galaxy print scarves, jewellery and make up sponsored by LimeCrime. Exclusive blogger event: key bloggers discussing fashion, beauty and art. new arrivals uploaded exclusively for VOSN. free shipping on all orders.

happy shopping!

it's a cold cold day

it's so cold today. so cold that i'm all wrapped up in my shawl, ordered pizza hut delivery for lunch coz i didn't want to step out of the office and since my shoes weren't keeping my feet warm enough, i borrowed a pair of our cosy toe slippers and wore them all around the office. all nice and snug! if only i was back home under the covers of my bed.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

old school retro

how cool are these stereos? don't judge it by the way it looks - yamaha has vamped it up with an ipod dock. i know where it would sit perfectly at home but it's not cheap and we don't really have much use for it except that it looks super funky! works a little slow today, i was decorating the department with our giant window posters and finished with many paper cuts *ouchies* and coz i know next week is going to be a hectic week, i'm taking it nice and easy this week. might as well enjoy it while i can.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

vivid sydney - a festival of lights, music....lights lights lights!


due to someone's boredom *points finger at clara* we ventured out into the city where it was transformed into a spectacular canvas of light, music and ideas (line taken from vivid sydney). i was having an awesome time trying to take pictures; D wasn't as amused as i was coz he walked through it every night on the way home. so he wasn't so keen on me trying to make him do weird and funny things. it was actually very nice. it wasn't too cold, there was an interactive light section and a fire show. and then there will be moments when me and clara spots something bright and colourful and by the time we get there.... there really isn't anything. just like how we aim our cameras at the opera house waiting for brights like to appear and when we give up, it turns really bright and vibrant -_-  just us being lucky..