Thursday, April 26, 2012

tv shoots are fun

shotss our new mother's day tv shoot. this time something different - a cool roller track to move the video camera! it makes the clip look sooooo awesome and of course, have gorgeous girls makes it all so simple.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

experiment 626

occasionally (actually quite often) the kid in me comes out to play and i give in. i was always fond of experiment 626 a.k.a. stitch and was comtemplating getting this phone cover when i first saw it. it was pretty pricey so the adult in me said no... today we saw it again for a lot cheaper and managed to bargain it down even more. check out the video... the ears pop out. oh and it stands!!! *claps hand in glee*

Monday, April 2, 2012

sometimes we're just lucky

i just a phone call from D while i was at work and i could hear an excitement in his voice. he asked me if i was busy and if i was in front of my computer and of course i was. i was at work after all ^_^ he then sent me an email, i could hear the eagerness in his voice while he waited till i got it...

it was a link to harvey norman. the nikon J1 was on special and it was 60% off!! D had been eye-ing this camera for me since he realised that it works with our current lenses. apart from the camera on my phone, i always have a compact camera in my bag and when i destroyed it (by smartly flinging it out of my hands on a cliff which landed on a very hard rock o_O), i was thinking of getting a smaller lens so i can carry the dslr in my bag. wasn't a very smart idea plus it would make my handbag even heavier. it so happen we were looking at this camera yesterday but i didn't think i needed another camera and refrained from getting it and then this. how could we not?? oooooo new camera.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

four years ago...

D took me to the cliffs at coogee and pushed me off. no i'm kidding ... hahaha >_< ... he proposed. yes, it all happened on april fools day which made it just a little more difficult to have my friends believe me when i told them. it was simple, sweet and suited just for me. when we think back about it, it's hard to believe that we've only been married for such a short time coz it seems like life without each other was a long long time ago.

unlike all our other sundays where we sleep in till noon, today we woke up really really early; and i mean really early. we were up around eight am to go for what was apparently the best buffet breakfast at the hilton hotel. before you think it's some fancy wancy romantic breakfast, it was with our whole bunch of friends and because we have a 2-for-1 voucher ^_^ waking up so early definitely makes the day a whole lot longer. after breakfast, we went shopping in the city and almost... just almost came home with the chanel wallet that i really liked. instead i came home with a new pair of boots. happy proposal anniversary sayang... you made this date sooooo much easier to remember *grin*