Friday, June 27, 2014

inguinal hernia

being too kan cheong meant that my lil man was prone to being a lil under developed. when we took him for his 6 weeks check up with the paeds, we found out that he had a hernia in his groin area. he had inguinal hernia - you can read about it here. poor boy, one thing after another. 

with inguinal hernia, surgery had to be done and since my lil was still so young, it was best done asap. it was a common procedure. he was to be put to sleep, repaired and monitored for a few hours. the only thing I was worried about was that he needed to fast before the surgery. and I've come to know that babies and no food don't go very well.

he was to check into hospital at 7:15am for a 8:30am procedure. his last feed would need to end by 4:30am to ensure that all food is digested before his surgery. 4 hours without food, if I'm lucky it'll work if not he does get hungry after 3 hours; so I kinda force fed him at 4:00am to make sure he'll last and HE DID! well.. he had to make do with my pinky for a while.

it didn't take long, after an hour and a bit we were taken to him. still drowsy but definitely hungry. we stay at the hospital till they gave us the green light to go home. hope he'll be OK at home... keeping my fingers crossed.

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