Wednesday, September 28, 2011

on air now!

this is the final cut of our shoot at vaucluse a couple of weeks ago. something fresh, something different and no one would guess it's from us. it's on air now and we're getting plenty of good comments on it. so proud *grin*

all bright and colourful

it's another day, another shoot, another studio. it's always nice to be shooting for spring summer... the outfits are bright, vibrant and colourful. my models was awesome - one works as a paramedic on the side, another has her own online clothing business and the other is so healthy that she brings her own veggie box of snacks and apparently hasn't drank a soft drink in many years. the studio was pretty cool with random stuff hanging around the plae... there was this table which i took no notice of until i saw the joystick, looked over and saw space invaders! talk about old school.

and just like every shoot my feet were so sore by the end of the day, it pretty much killed it playing badminton later that night. i also left a really nice mark on my knee by smacking it with my racket. so hero.....

Saturday, September 24, 2011

missing in action

over 600 styles shot in four days; the studio more my office than my desk and i can probably include the title - stylist/people dresser to my role which is the main cause for my hiatus on the blog. it's long exhausting days that ends with aching feet. however i have discovered that wearing a vest on shoot makes carrying clips a whole lot easier. and now the weekend feels a whole lot better when it arrives. i'm off to laze on this very gloomy day...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

it's a two-in-one

it's been a very long day. a photoshoot and a tv shoot all in one. definitely something different..... can't wait to see the final cut and the amazing photos. we shot at a beautiful house in vaucluse and the owners had two snoodles who loved the attention as well as the sun. and now to hang with my babes..

Monday, September 12, 2011

G turns three!

it was G's birthday two days ago and just like last year, our dear boy got steak. i can't believe he's only three... feels like i've had him forever! well the weekend is over. i've got a tv shoot and a online shoot this week plus a lot of documents to send to print and create a plan for a launch. it's going to be hard seeing that i'll be out of office two days. also, bestie is in town.... yeay!

Friday, September 2, 2011

finally it's friday

 outfit shot from the gold coast 

i've never been so happy to see friday come. my head has been pounding the whole week, clearly painkillers no longer work very well on me. work as usual is full on but the hands on the clock don't seem to want to move making the days go by slower and finally today, i get a call at 7:30am telling me my samples didn't come back from new zealand for my 8:30am shoot -_- i'm partly glad the shoot is cancelled cause i'm just not feeling it but i feel terrible for everyone who is meant to turn up for the shoot. ahhhh weekend, i'm so glad you are almost here.