Tuesday, November 15, 2011

my perth weekend

i could have almost flown home to malaysia on the time i flew to perth. two more hours... and i would have reach kl. over the weekend i was over at perth for a work christmas event. the best part about going to perth was having my girlfriend there to take me around. we headed to fremantle, checked out the view, semi-attended a random person's wedding,  laughed at all the unusual things in the market, got distracted really easily and chatted the night away san churros. it's been forever since we caught up one on one and there was just sooooo much to share. i miss moments like this. well there are plans for another trip there with the rest of the girlfriends next year. that should be interesting.

Monday, November 7, 2011

two surprises and a turkey

i turned a year older, got two surprises from the same bunch of people and had a giant turkey dinner. what more could i ask for? all i had plan was a buffet dinner at the star (previously known as starcity) and some gambling; hoping the birthday luck would rub off on my friends. unfortunately it didn't quite turn out that way -_- i did however get 2 birthday cakes (my blackforrest cake i had requested for), a thomas sabo charm, a customised coke can with my name on it... specially made coke birthday card just for me and the best of it all.... the chanel earrings i was eyeing for a while now and they topped it off with a matching pendant! i have an awesome husband and fabulous friends.. *feeling the love* oh and the turkey was super huge and very well cooked. it was such an amazing weekend.