Friday, December 31, 2010

in the year 2010....

it started with abit of a scare where i ended up flying back to australia on my own. however i did come back to australia officially mrs woon to the world, i don't respond to that name though; to me that is still my mil (mother-in-law).

did an extremely touristy thing and visited taronga zoo. the last time i was there (yes, this is not my first time) was when i first came to sydney to study 6 years ago. i actually didn't remember anything from my last trip and it was fun. i also got to see turtles humping :D

attempted to continue gym sessions but that clearly failed. i did start playing badminton half a year later so that's all good. :D

celebrated chinese new year with yee sang tapau-ed from singapore. halfway through dinner the fire alarm went off and we had to rush to leave the building. false alarm of course but the fire truck still came and because juls kept singing "somebody call 911....." (song by sean kingston) i had the song stuck in my head the whole night. oh and i think D managed to cover our dinner playing poker and blackjack.

tried catching the cny twilight parade in the city but couldn't coz i was too short, there were people camping there from 4pm for a 8pm parade. we.... got there at 7:30pm and i definitely didn't have the patience to be pushed around and squash. yes, i'm spoilt that way.

after many tries, i quit something that makes me a whole lot healthier and saves me money too. they say it improves your complexion.... yada yada yada blah blah blah....*shakes head* don't see no difference -_-

moved to a new area with friends in the same area (just downstairs actually); spent heaps of money on furnishings and now live in a very comfy place called home. got a brand new amazing sofa, a damn cool dining table with lazy susan and a even more POWderful sound system. we still have plenty to do but wen are taking it one step at a time.

tried having a facial here but..... no one is as good as my eileen back home. so i shall stick to having congested skin until my next flight home. anyone have any good recommendations?? i just don't get it...why is it so difficult to find someone who can do a good extraction here? do people here really have such good clean complexion... ish

attended little bro's graduation, had the whole family in sydney which was fun and extremely tiring. i did manage to take plenty of pics of my adorable little nephew who kept saying "buuuuuuuus" everytime he saw a big vehicle. so cute!

met up with old friends, introduced to new and started hanging out regularly. when i say regularly i really mean it. we see each other pretty much every week since they introduced us to badminton, D to cycling and lots of makaning (eating) sessions all over the place since they enjoy it as much as we do. who would have thought we had that much in common. of course the boys are always poisoning each other to have new toys so we all end up having similar stuff o_O

met the hot chicks of australia's next top model and attended the live final where they made a big boo boo of announcing the wrong winner.

got an ipad? does it count when it's really D's? but i play with it toooooo....

enjoyed delicious lobster dinner when a family friend came to town.

took my first road trip in australia to terrigal and a place call "the entrance" - where it really was a food trip coz i reckon we ate more than doing any sight-seeing. we did however come across this land big enough to have 4 houses surrounding a clubhouse and thinking how convenient it was for the boys to play. the biggest problem? it's like 3 hour away from sydney.... >.< oh and of course i had to pick the wettest day in the world to go on a road trip. soooo clever!


went sailing for the first time. i got to do it all... pull on the sails, steer the boat, tie & untie the ropes....etc. at least no one fell into the water while i was steering :)

confirmed my pr after 2 years of being a temporary resident. not that anything has really changed. now i just need to get my aussie driving license. damnit

got retrenched by ex-company which sucked big time; went through a month of panic attacks worrying that i wouldn't find a new job by the end of the year, found a new job at the new company, went through hardcode training coz i had to learn everything before she went on leave and now working for the new company.

have a new car with modified original sports parts which sounds damn awesome and canggih-fied number plates. oh did i mention i have only driven the car twice?? D's still hogging it.

...this is only the top of my head of what's happened this year. there was sooooo much more. looking forward to seeing what 2011 has to bring and wishing everyone a very happy new year! i'm off to see the fireworks!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

doggy daycare

G was sent to doggy daycare today coz we were planning to go shopping at night; so instead of him being suck alone at home all day, he gets to play with other dogs during the day. when i dropped him off and picked him up there was this big lassie dog there to greet us. he wasn't keen on taking pictures and turned his head everytime i tried to snap. look at how tiny G is compared to him!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

booo... back to work

there's something about going back to work after the christmas holidays that can be a little depressing. of course it doesn't help that some of our friends won't be working till the new year hits (by choice or not). maybe it's cause for the past few days, everyone was merry and jolly; chilling, laughing and just hanging out. this christmas we were helping our friends move into their new home and i have to say that it's lovely. to the point that D & i are considering that location too. not so soon of course considering that we just moved into our place early this year.

back to sulking coz i'm at work..... i know we're lucky enough to have monday and tuesday off unlike in kl where they didn't really get a holiday since christmas fell on sunday; so i'm not complaining. on the bright side, the new year's holidays start in 3 day.... oh just 3 days and it's back to sleeping in, lazing and chilling with friends.

p/s - i reckon this post can be reused when i'm back to work after the new year's holiday >.<

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the dc35

i left D alone to go pick up a housewarming gift and he came home with a brand new dyson handheld for us! dyson's are like the awesomess vacumn cleaners around, the suction for these babies are soooo powerful and the dyson ball technology makes it so easy to steer especially for our stairs; the house feels damn clean after a vacumn. with 2 dysons in the house, it better be superclean!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

taylor momsen for john galliano

taylor momsen, the new face for john galliano's fragrance parlez-moi d'amour. talented lil bad ass girl - the song is one of her own. directed by ellen von unwerth. i'm curious to see how she grows up.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

a nice quiet christmas...

it's been a relaxing day, just chilling with G and the hubby; oh and just a little cleanning that we missed out on yesterday. we celebrated christmas eve having an awesome chinese dinner at eastwood and then chilled at alex's. tonight, we back there for a potluck dinner. tis the season to be jolly.....falala lala la la la la! merry christmas and i do hope that all everyone who reads this have as awesome a christmas as i'm having.

btw - that's not my christmas tree up there if you hadn't guessed. :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

no cleaning means killer dust bunnies survive

for some reason, it's super dusty here. 2 days and you can see that thin layer of dust slowly building. so since its christmas tomorrow, might as well do the thorough clean so we can enjoy our long weekend dust bunny free; it's funny how G stays as far away from the vacumn cleaner as possible.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

just one more day....

oh i can't wait for the long weekend to arrive.... one more day, maybe even half day at work and it's christmas! D & i headed out to the city coz the shops were opened till midnight. it's a big deal here considering everything closes at 5pm. we were good this time and didnt really come home with anything, maybe we just weren't in the shopping mood. so anythingway, this weekend i'm gonna make catch up on my sleep and make this christmas a chillaxing one. merry christmas!!!

all you need is gloss

i *heart* festive seasons; especially since all brands come out with cool holiday packs which i'm a sucker for. since i don't use much lipstick, it might as well be gloss. look at all the pretty colours.....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

sample sale

i managed to catch the david lawrence sample sale when i stepped out for lunch today. tried not to take too long but there were alot of pretty things there. after a quick browse, picked what i assumed i could fit into, then it was quickly back to work. if only i had a more time, i would probably have come back with more than this -_-

numbers overkill

working on budgets that you didn't start with can be a pain in the butt. my whole day was spent staring at the a couple of humongous excel sheets trying to figure out what's what. well, the good news is i'm almost done, bad news?? for my sake i hope what's been done is right and then there's the planning on how we're gonna work it out for the coming year. it's going to be an interesting learning curve. on the brighter side of things, big boss is trying to fatten me up with boxes of treats. six to be exact.....oh and it came with a gift card which i have no idea how much its worth. nice.... veli veli nice. *grin*

Monday, December 20, 2010

christmas party #3

another day, another christmas party. this time we got there late but of course had ask them to start without us, had heaps of prawns, way tooooooooo many mugs and gifts from typo for kris kringle, played cranium and again i still can't spell and apparently i'm not the only one! met someone i hadn't seen in ages (small world), came home with an unexpected christmas present and a very belated birthday present... it was a pretty nice relaxing christmas luncheon. thanks G & J for hosting; and new rules from kris kringle, NO MUGS! NO GIFTS FROM TYPO and we really have to up the budget next time.