Thursday, March 22, 2012

G - the cleaner version

you know when you have a dog, your phone is full of photos of him whether he doing something stupid, not stupid or even just sitting there and just because you think 'awwww so cute'  SNAP! i'm lucky my photographer accommodates me when i plop G onto the white perspex and go 'pleaseeeeeeee'. well G just had a clean and now you can see his face. isn't he just adorable??

Sunday, March 18, 2012

dumplings dumplings ... and more dumplings

after spending the whole afternoon in the city shopping and coming home with lots of goodies we headed to shanghai town for dinner. ashfield is known to be a little shanghainese community so when you're on the main road through the town, you'll come across quite a number of shanghainese restaurants. we got to new shanghai and oh great, there was a queue. good thing we didn't wait long. our dinner consists mainly of dumplings - steamed pork & chive dumplings, pan fried pork dumplings and siu long baus. all of which were really tasty. the funniest thing was when the fried rice arrived. everyone was dissapointed coz it looked pretty pale until D took a bite and his eye lit up and went "wah, damn good". that was when everyone else dug in ^_^ it was only a pity that the food took a while to arrive. the dishes come out one at a time and by the time the porridge i ordered came i was full. oh and they gave our siu long baus to the wrong table so we had to wait somemore; not only that i didn't think the skin was thin enough -_- something must have been happening in the kitchen coz it wasn't alex's first time and he had no problems last time.  maybe next time we won't go on a saturday night. hmmmm thinking about the dumplings are making my mouth water.

273 liverpool road, ashfield nsw 2131
look for the bright red and white signage

Friday, March 16, 2012

superstar G

i managed to get my photographer take a few shots of G while we were on shoot. he was quite good, got him to sit still and tilt his head but only for a while. clearly his hair is a mess so he will be going for a nice little groom soon. oh he's soooo cute!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

peking duck

what is a birthday without your friends... we finally celebrated D's birthday over the weekend with our friends at a place we use to frequent when family was in town, someone graduated or when something special happening. i remember graduation season and the many times we went there with friends and their family. those were uni days... we thought since it's been a while, why not. we always enjoyed the peking duck there, sang choi pao and all. this time there was no screaming surprise but a mouth watering chocolate mud cake which our waiter eyed bringing it out and jokingly asked if he could have a slice in return for for helping us take a group shot. haha that was really quite funny but i happily gave him a slice at the end of the night. we ate and we merry and ended up in mackers for supper later that night. it's always about food.

Monday, March 12, 2012

no such thing

i completely failed gettind D's birthday present this year. not only did he pick his own gift, he ended up buying it too -_- trust me, it's not that i didn't try. i left work one morning, rush to the store in the casino where we first saw it only to find it closed. i was lucky enough to be able to speak to the lady through the glass doors, not so lucky when she told me 'no such thing' o_O then J was kind enough to offer to look for it since he was in the city but since i could not find a picture online and i could only attempt to explain it. he didn't know which one but went to look anyway. the week before D's birthday, Gucci finally posts something similar on their site so J goes again to find it. the lady tell him 'no such thing'. that's it, we're screwed. his birthday came and went and i told D, we can't find it; they say there is 'no such thing'. could it be we saw something else?? did i imagine seeing it?? 

there was one store however that i didn't go to. it was the one closest to D's office and today he decided he would drop by the store and have a look. low and behold it's there @#%#@#%& basket... so to save me the hassle of going down to the city, he buys it himself. *sigh* on the bright side, he likes his gift.... just didn't think he had to buy it himself first.

Friday, March 9, 2012

the very unexpected surprise

i'm not very good at surprises; obviously this hasn't changed. so this year for my other half, i didn't do much planning until the very last minute... coz i do feel bad for not planning anything. all i told him was, we're having dinner the weekend after your birthday with some friends. there.. i've organised something. but what's the fun when there's not surprise? i decided to come home with a birthday banner, add some balloons, cook him something different for dinner and pretended i felt bad for not organising anything at all. prior to that i also ended up giving him a small surprise birthday present a day early (again) -_- but that's not the end of it...i had everyone come over to surprise him with a small cake session and boy was he surprised! hahaha actually it's only because i got lucky this birthday - he fell asleep on the couch which gave everyone a chance to sneak in and scream at him 'happy birthday!!!#$%#^#@#!' .. yes scream. it was a good thing no one was too close to him or it would be the first time someone got hurt during a birthday.

and just like always, at the end of the night, we're all hooked onto some new game someone has introduced us too and the worst bit? we're playing on our phones/ipads with the same people in to room o_O thanks everyone for coming though it wasn't really well planned and i'm sure you all enjoyed seeing D's very SHOCKED face.

Monday, March 5, 2012

allbee's kitchen

it was one of those days where the cravings were so strong you just had to have it. D was craving proper malaysian food so we headed over to campsie for dinner. it is a small little place.. looks like those old chinese restaurants you get in small towns in malaysia. a little bit squashed and a special vip room with more tables when you walk through the kitchen area. this was only the second time we've been there so there were plenty to try. we ordered sambal sotong, beef rendang, a WHOLE hainan chicken, sambal french beans with minced pork and crispy egg noodle (wa tan hor). oh and FOURTY EIGHT curry puffs to takeaway. yes four dozens! the lady had to repeat our order a few times to be sure... and she came back to double check if she had it right ^_^ they have very yummy curry puffs and even though we had stuffed our faces for dinner, me and D still had a curry puff when we got home. i heard they had pan mee on certain days... hopefully one day i will semangatly go and try it.

address - albee's kitchen 282 beamish street, campsie nsw 2194