Monday, January 7, 2013

a recap of my first week 2013

just a recap of my week because i clearly didn't manage a daily post. this year i didn't take any extra holidays for the festive season. there wasn't really a point since it would be quiet at work and i would get to clear up all i needed to do which included clearing my table. unfortunately the latter didn't happen o_O so my table is still a mess.

the inLaws are in town, all we've really been doing is eat and eat and eat. we've had our christmas turkey feast, bacon & eggs feast, our my favourite wagyu beef pho, lots and lots of char siu, siu yok, hainanese chicken rice, seafood.... and the list goes on. i don't even know whether to drool or just feel fat when i think of the amounts of food i've eaten.

since i've been pretty free-ish at work, i decided to learn mandarin (read & write) online on my own. no guarantees i'll keep it up but at least i'm trying right? at the moment, i can write super ugly 'nǐ, hǎo, zài and jiàn'. again no guarantees i'll actually remember how to write it after a while but maybe, just maybe i'll be able to read it.*fingers crossed*

we've started a new home project - landscaping. as per a previous post, we went plant shopping and came home with heaps. the weather has been too hot (30-40 degrees!!! %^&*%) to actually start much but we have planted a tree. we are changing over a whole bunch of stuff and adding brighter flowers into the garden. i can't wait till we see the finish product. oh and i have also told the hubby that i'm happy to help pretty-ing our garden but he it will be his job to maintain it *grin*

it's been a while is MiL got to celebrate her birthday with her kids so she was very happy to be able to do so this week. however, because we already pre-celebrated her birthday when we invited their friends over for another feast, we didn't actually get her another cake. actually, i think we forgot. opps. luckily enough while shopping, the hubby came across his favourite pandan cake and bought one so we added a candle on it for her. it's the thought that counts right?

i started playing an iphone game which i can't seem to put down called okey 101. i'm bad when i start a game, i pretty much play non-stop.

the perks of having a photographer friend that he was happy to take a handful of shots for us as a family. it was fun and as usual wished my face wasn't quite so round but with all that food i obviously didn't do anything about it. our first theme was to make it really bright and colourful and we all ended up with a ralph lauren polo tees. '_' it looked like we were doing an advertising for them. maybe we should propose to sell it too them...  tees for all ages! hehehehe anyways, we then did some dressed semi casually. Gizmo got a little feature too with me. can't wait to see the pictures but in the meantime, some selfies...  ^_^

then we sent the inLaws off to the airport and it was the end of a week. if the rest of the year is anything like this week has been, this year is not only going to be awesome but we're going to fly through it!

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