Monday, January 14, 2013

my productive weekend

i'm so proud of myself. i've had a productive weekend. got plenty of sleep and was energized to work on our garden *grin* maybe it's coz i felt i needed some physical activities since there hasn't been any badminton sessions lately. the weather forecast was in the 40s but thank goodness it wasn't or i wouldn't have left the house o_O

we started late saturday afternoon. there was plenty to do and decided to start with the front lawn. the plan was to clear up all the dark, dirty looking bark and even out the soil. Plant one more hedge to fill up the gaps then relay our new eucalyptus bark to brighten up the place. it was clearing the old bark that took up the most time. we filled 25 large garbage bags and this was only the right side of the lawn. since it was getting dark, we couldn't plant our geraniums so left one section to be done another day. three hours plus of digging up bark and soil, i was glad to be able to run the new fresh bark with my fingers to spread them around. i didn't even realise we were working in the garden for a good four hours by the time we were done.

at night while the hubby is busy gaming with the rest of the boys, i continue his lego city project by building the fire station. it's amazing how much detail goes into these buildings. there are hangers to hang helmets. cabinets for storage and there red door in the front of the building rolls up! with all the tiny little parts it only took me about maybe five hours plus to build? and that's only the first level.

when we woke up on sunday, it was gloomy and looked like it was going to rain. after running a few errands, we were contemplating whether to start gardening as it was meant to thunder storm in the evening. i really wanted to finish up that part of the garden since i won't be around to do it next weekend so we starting. the plan this time was to pull out the old 'lalang' looking plants, even out the soil and plant our lovely geraniums. not as easy as it sounded. those 'lalang' like plants had huge roots everywhere and trying to even out the soil with difficult. on top of that, it was starting to drizzle. we were pretty lucky, just as we were planting the last plant the giant raindrops started and we still had to pour the bark. the last fifteen minutes were done in the pouring rain and we finished just in time when we heard thunder and lightning. we were giggling by the end of it all coz we were soaked because we were so sure we would not be able to finish before the rain started and now we're so proud of our garden!

i also took down our christmas tree :( but thought it would be a good idea to get it kept before chinese new year hits >_< it looked like i had a fight with the tree with everything all over the place. the worse part about taking down the tree?? untangling the lights which i very cleverly chucked aside while i took them off. rookie mistake... hopefully i'll remember to tie them up when i take them down next time.

 and i finally finished the fire station.

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