Tuesday, January 29, 2013

away for 10 days

you never really realise what you missed until it’s not there. true that! i was just back in KL to be part of my close friend’s wedding. when i booked my flight two months ago, all i could think of was how i could utilize my leave to make it worth my flight ticket. i managed it so i’ll be back for 10 days. it had been over a year since i last flew to KL and was excited to be going back after soon long - all the good food, friends, family… and of course not having to work. what i didn’t realise was that after maybe five days, i was starting to really miss my hubby. yes, who would have thought in between all the eating and catching up with friends i’d miss the little things of telling him stories just as it happened, or getting that second opinion when i wanted to buy something. i would miss the random tight squeeze or snuggling really closely to him, even just sitting next to each in silence. it started to feel like half of me was missing and then truly see how we complete each other. how it is nicer to fall asleep next to your loved one, to have the time to just share our days together, to just know that you have someone who would love you unconditionally through your weirdness, problems and all. it's really good to be back by his side.

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